About Us
M&J Lands, LLC was formed from an appreciation of River Ranch and other outdoor recreational properties. M&J Lands works very hard to know all of the ins-and-outs of River Ranch use and sales. We are proud members of the RRPOA (and even a past member of the RRPOA Board of Directors) that participate in cleanups, help with and sponsor RRPOA events, and help raise and donate money to several charities. We work very closely with the RRPOA and follow all the rules to the best of our knowledge. We love to camp, ride our ATVs, 4x4 and hunt with our families several times a month at River Ranch and we know you will too. I am not just a land salesman, I love and use River Ranch also! M&J Lands is entering its 9th year of River Ranch sales. With over 4,000 satisfied customers, that many happy campers cannot be wrong!

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M&J Lands
PO Box 2100
Eagle Lake, FL 33839-2100
toll free 877.719.3692
local 863.229.2660
fax 863.229.1123
Marc Howard

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