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Start enjoying one of Florida's best kept secrets — 100% original recreational paradise.
  • What can I do? Like to go ATVing? Like to go camping? Like to go hunting? At River Ranch, you can do it all! You can bring a trailer, RV, or any wheeled vehicle (no larger than 10' x 40') and use it among our miles of safe riding trails. Deer, wild boar/hogs, quail, and turkey are all available to be your target on River Ranch’s hunting property.
  • What is there to do? Right down the road is Westgate River Ranch where you can enjoy an authentic "dude ranch" experience while relaxing in luxurious, Western-style accommodations. Surrounded by 100,000 acres of protected wildlife preserve, Westgate River Ranch is a 1,700 acre ponderosa of winding trails, pristine waters, and more! Indulge yourself in a wide range of activities that allow you to escape into nature's sanctuary. You can enjoy horseback riding, guided nature hikes, fishing, boating, trap and skeet, a swimming pool, airboat rides, hayrides, and even a petting zoo — or go line dancing at the River Ranch Saloon! Westgate River Ranch is not associated with Southgate or Northgate River Ranch but it is as accessible for eating, fishing, and lodging.
  • What do I get?
    • Ownership of your own property for cheaper than most leases!
    • Eligibility to become a member of the River Ranch Property Owners Association and in turn help maintain and preserve the land.
    • You will own property and receive a recorded deed from Polk County Clerk of Courts.
    • There is a "Play Pen" (mud hole) for ATV's and 4x4 trucks. There is also plenty of great recreational ATV, 4x4, and ORV riding available with over 1,000 miles of trails. Makes sure to always respect the land, campsites, and roads! The RRPOA voted to not allow two wheel bikes or motorcycles on the property.
    • Access to regular family-oriented events for nearly every holiday on the camp grounds.
    • The benefits of having weekend parties and private get-togethers as long as proper notice is given.
    • We cover all costs involved with issuing a Special Warranty Deed with property purchase.
  • Tell me about River Ranch.
    • River Ranch, located in Central Florida, is over 70 square miles of some of the most sought after recreational property in Florida.
    • The gate at River Ranch is open 24/7, 365 days, a year!
    • Electricity is available through generators, solar panels, and wind generators.
  • Any fees? The fees for annual membership of the RRPOA is $145 per member with an ATV or motorized vehicle. Children through college come in for free with accompanying parent or property owner. Each paid member of the RRPOA can purchase up to 2 transferrable guest passes for $135 per year.
  • What are the rules?
    • Current RRPOA Rules and Regulations
    • Kids 16 and under must wear helmets.
    • Members have to be present to bring in the guests.
    • All hunting at River Ranch follows all normal hunting rules and seasons for the state of Florida and except for RRPOA sponsored events. There is no hunting out of any Florida season.
    • Unfortunately, you can not build a house, cabin, or any unpermitted structures here at this time.
  • I'm in. How do I buy?!It is preferred to schedule an appointment to view River Ranch prior to purchase; although, if you like what you see, paperwork can be completed same-day as well as enjoying the property the same-day. Prices below are for un-surveyed lots outside of the camping area. Surveyed camp site prices will vary. Please call for more information.
.31 acres
1.25 acres
2.5 acres

Be confident of what you're buying by giving River Ranch a visit.

In agreeing to purchase from M&J Lands, LLC, any property or properties which may be located in any area considered “River Ranch” by Polk County Property Appraisers Office, let it be known that the purchaser agrees to the following:
  • M&J Lands, LLC and the RRPOA are two separate entities. The rules and regulations of the River Ranch Property Owners Association are subject to change and M&J Lands, LLC can not be held accountable.
  • This is un-surveyed property. M&J Lands, LLC can not warrant or guarantee that there is lawful access to the property that is subject to the purchase.
  • There is an outdoor recreational association involved with the property. M&J Lands, LLC is selling this property only as “inaccessible tracts River Ranch” property that can not be developed or built upon at this time.
  • There may be conservation easements upon said property or properties.